Sunday, January 27, 2008

Panera revisited...

This is in reference to my "Panera's Frozen Goodness" post from 1-9-2008(see below).
The quote from Panera's home page simply states,"Enjoy bread baked from fresh dough every morning". When I first read this I took it as implying that you should be enjoying their bread which is baked from fresh dough every morning. Which of course, as I stated, is rather hard to do when the dough is made in a centralized location, shipped by truck to the store, kept in a cooler until it is then baked that night.
But now I see their loophole. The statement, "Enjoy bread baked from fresh dough every morning" can also be taken another way. That you should be enjoying their baked bread every morning. In other words, you should be purchasing and eating their bread every morning. Ahhhh, now I get it!
Nice doublespeak there, Mother Bread, you got me on that one.
You can check it out for yourself at this link: Panera and watch the animation which tells you to enjoy their bread.

Verdict? Panera sucks!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Panera's Frozen Goodness!

Ever see those BIG Panera trucks that roll down the highway? Guess what's in them? Your bread, that's what. If you look on there web site they have a photo of their bread loaf with a caption reading, "Enjoy bread baked from fresh dough every morning". What they don't tell you is that the dough was made in a centralized location then shipped to local stores in semi-trucks where it is THEN baked. The dough arrives during the day then baked at night and then sold to you the next day.
But what about those yummy cookies and cinnamon rolls? The dough for their pastries is shipped frozen before it is topped with glazing, nuts or whatever and then baked.

Verdict? Panera sucks!