Monday, April 26, 2010

Healthy Health Care

So, for better or worse, America will now have a national healthcare system. What utterly baffled me during the entire "debate" that preceded it's passage was the argument of "look what's happened to the Canadian Health Care System after they nationalized it! Why would we want that?!?"  Like I said, this argument has always left me scratching my head because from every Canadian news source I've encountered I get the feeling that the Canucks  really, really like their HC Scystem. As in 76% of the country.
(The following is a link to polling information which I thought had the best middle-of-the-road results:
To come to this conclusion I did a Google search of CHC and CHC polls and found in every article that the majority of the Canadian population is either happy or very happy with the system. Some other interesting facts:
Percentage of citizens with Health Care:
Canada  100%
America  84%
Are Happy with their Health Care:
Canada  75%
America  49%
Percentage of GDP spent on Health Care:
Canada  10%
America 17% 

If being like more like Canada results in everyone being covered and everyone being happier with their coverage while spending less doing so then, ya, I wish we were more like Canada.