Sunday, May 2, 2010

What Happens In Vatican City Stays In Vatican City

When the horrible news surfaced that Catholic Priests were molesting boys I was shocked. When the Catholic church in the U.S. said that they would handle the sexual abuse matters internally instead of turning the molesters over to the authorities I was shocked. But now that I've learned that the "age of sexual consent" in the Catholic's own country, VATICAN CITY, is only 12 years of age I am absolutely horrified!
What?!? It's the lowest age of consent in Europe! Spain is bad enough at 13 but at least it's a teenager, right(ugh!)? So any adult in the nation of Vatican City can have sex with a 6th grader and, as long as the child is "willing", it's perfectly good. AGGGGHHHH!!! The Pope runs the Vatican City! How can this be acceptable!!!
More depressing info here...Link

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mouse Trap!!!

Actually the game "Mouse Trap" is a "Rube Goldberg Machine". Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist whom invented those crazy, ever-flowing contraptions that sometimes serve no purpose except to amaze and delight. Ugh, it's too difficult to explain--just watch this music video if you want to see one a RMB in action and one of the coolest inventions/machines/videos mankind has ever made. And it was all done in one continuous shot!

OK Go--"This Too Shall Pass"

In case you are is all done in a single, unbroken camera shot. It took over 60 takes try to get it right. If the machine failed, it took 30 people over a hour to reset it. The people seen cheering at the end are some of the 55 workers that built the machine.
If you are interested, check out another one of OK Go's nifty videos here:Link.