Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wisconsin Hicks

Ever dreamed about going out in the woods with your fellow hicks to hunt Gray Wolves? Then Wisconsin is the place for you, brother. And just to make it even more enjoyable, you're legally able to bring your own pack-of-dogs to add to the hunts festivities. Oh, oh! And if you are too much of a chickenshit to actually hunt a wolf you are able to use a trap as well!

The Facts: *Wisconsin has been receiving thousands of applications for Gray Wolf hunting that will enable "hunters" to bag 201 of the states 800 wolves. *The use of dogs is permitted. *The Chippewa Tribe gets first crack at them. *The hunt regulations are being set by the state legislature not the DNR. *You can shoot or trap a wolf as well as use bait.
The best part is this hillbilly quote from Scott Loomans of the DNR  who is experiencing child-like euphoria at the application process. "I guess we really didn't know what to expect," Loomans said. "But it sounds encouraging. We're hoping to get as many applications as we can."

So there you go. Spend millions of dollars to bring back the wolf so hicks can have a day in the woods.

Blacks, Democrats and Black Democrats

I'm tired of discussing the current political situation but I still enjoy the semantics of politics. Thought this bit was interesting, pretty accurate and absolutely ASTONISHING since it's a brother talking bad(and truthfully) about the Democratic Party and it's relationship with black Americans. Huh, truth really is stranger than fiction.