Thursday, April 3, 2014

Back from the DEAD!

  Took sometime off from blogging to do some stuff.  Stuff like cleaning my room, bike rides, soul searching, watching "WKRP in Cincinnati" reruns and the like. So after a year of blog inactivity, I logged in today to check and see if anyone actually visited "Thisiswhattheygiveme" during my hiatus and...VOILA! Traffic here has gone waaayy up since I stopped writing on it! Coincidence?

  Here is the map that Google Blogger supplies me regarding traffic to the site for the past year. Dark greens represent heavy traffic(USA!) and the lighter the greens represent lighter traffic.   The USofA is in first place with Russia in second(are you Ruskies trying to crack my password?). Then, ironically, the Ukraine was next followed by Germany.

I guess a nation has to visit more than once as visits from  Greece, Malaysia, Romania and South Africa and listed in the numeric totals but not placed on the map.

  Of course, all welcome and if you are from out of town please feel free comment on where on Earth you are from! 

Come on Australia! Only three visits? Pick up the pace a little bit!

My most viewed Blog Post?  I Hate MiniVans(andthepeoplethatdrivethem!)

Just some things I've had lying around

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