Monday, May 12, 2008

The Sorrow of India

As if the world's food supply wasn't precarious enough, there is a ghastly epidemic of suicides among India's farmers. By one estimation, over 160,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide since 1997 although the official estimate is an average of 10,000 per year since the early 1990s. Crop failures, free trade policies, indebtedness, little irrigation and lack of governmental support have led a seemingly hopeless situation for the farmers. To compound the situation, most of the suicides have taken place in only four states which has psychologically devastated India's agricultural region.
Here is a link if you would like to learn more.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

America Waves...

This LINK will take you to my very own internet radio station! Well, it's more of an internet playlist, actually, of musical artists on KIAC. The site allows you to check out artists of all styles and compose your own listening page. It's a great way for up-and-coming artists (even Willie Nelson!) to get some exposure for a nominal fee. But if you just want to listen and maybe set up your own page it's absolutely free! Check it out!

P.S. My personal favorite is "America Waves" by Emile Millar. He wrote the song after watching a documentary covering a family's coping with the death of their son in the Iraq war.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Public Urination

I was perusing my local Craig's List for musical instruments when I came across an ad for an electronic keyboard. The price for the 3 year-old keyboard was absurdly high, higher than if you purchased it new, but that's not what sparked my ire. The ignition came when I saw the attached photo diplaying the keyboard leaning against an outdoor storage unit. I decided to pseudo-inquire about the keyboard and learned that it has been stored inside the locker, "for the past year or two". That means that the ELECTRONIC keyboard had been subject to temperature extremes ranging from -20 degrees to say 110 degrees along with gooey humidity. This kind of alarmed me since we have had two computers die on us after storing them for only a few months in our basement. The best part was that the seller said that she had lost the power adapter so I wouldn't be able to turn it on in order to test it(?????) unless I went out and purchased my OWN adapter.
That really pissed me off so I placed my own Craig's List ad warning others about the pitfalls of an over-priced electronic keyboard that had been subjected to humidity and dizzying temperature extremes. One Craig's Lister replied and thanked me for the observation as he was considering purchasing it. But another was not so thankful and let me know it. Here is her reply...

from:jean nel(deleted)@sistermoonglo@(deleted)

"Oh for Chrissake, not EVERYONE is a price specialist like you morons.

Most people on CL don't do extensive price checks.

Cut the person a break, so what??

Go to hell you loser CL police..."

Needless to say, I was crushed. I try to do Jean a favor and this is what she gives me! So I then poured myself a Diet Pepsi, sat back and responded to her in that warm, fuzzy way that I am so noted for...

"Hi Jean and thanks for answering my Craig's List ad. I also appreciate your summer-traveling advice recommending that I go to hell. But I must say, Jean, that I have no intention of visiting the state of OHIO anytime in the near future especially with gas prices being what they are!
However, you completely missed the BIG PICTURE concerning the criticism of the CL post. The ELECTRONIC keyboard (which is a fairly delicate ELECTRONIC gizmo), had been stored for months in an OUTSIDE storage unit thus subjecting it to sub-zero temperatures, humidity and extreme temperature variations. Would YOU recommend buying it?
As for the price--Don't you think people should check things out before they post or buy? All you have to do is GOOGLE it and you have results in seconds. Try it now, you might learn something. I'm not a "PRICE SPECIALIST" but I do know what a fair asking price is and I don't want to see people (who are not internet savvy enough to use google) get ripped-off. People have every right to sell an item for whatever they want but others have the right to call them out on it if they are trying to price gouge, sell potentially defective/dangerous merchandise or are some con artists out of Nigeria. But I guess I should just keep my mouth shut and let people lose their money because it upsets your fascist principle of "anything for a dollar".
So please, Jean (or sistermoonglo or whatever the hell you call yourself), go piss up a rope and try thinking about things before you have another one of your spastic/knee-jerk reaction fits. Remember, Jean, we are only here to help you.

(The Official Observers and Overseers of Craig's List Acquisitions)"

I guess I don't know what to think about this whole stupid experience. Craig's List is a great tool for us common folk but some of the stuff that goes on can be disheartening whether it be Nigerian scam rackets, sexual predators or a person just trying to sell you complete junk. My only advice is to research any product for sale and only deal locally. Oh, and if you have any rope you'd like to sell, please post it on Craig's List so Jean has something to urinate up.

Verdict? Jean sucks!