Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Legend Lives On From The Chippewa On Down...

Had a dream last night that the Edmund Fitzgerald had sank again(!?!). Right. Well, Freudianism aside, I've always been a bit fascinated by the Fitzgerald tragedy. Huge iron ship in the middle of hurricane winds and monster waves then suddenly gone--along with her crew.  Now the Edmund sits on the bottom of Lake Superior underneath 500ft of frigid water in absolute darkness. (Shudder)

But what really makes the little hairs stand up on my arms is this photo which was taken from a submarine they sent down to survey the wreckage.  Just a couple of glowing orbs in the water?

"The water temperature was 43 degrees and the depth was 530 feet. Pressure was 251 pounds per square inch. No debris was in the water and nothing was dropped from the surface. There is no logical explanation for their sudden appearance. The objects floated toward and disappeared into the hull of the ship."--The Detroit Free Press
No fish can live down there so who knows. Plasma? Spirit orbs? Just plain mystical.
And in case you haven't heard it in awhile, here is Gordon Lightfoot's "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" just to set the mood.