Sunday, March 29, 2009

What would you do for a Wonka Bar?

Sad news. Even the world's most famous candy maker has fallen victim to these tough times. The above photo is the abandoned Wonka Chocolate Factory in Manchester, England. Read more...

Manchester, England(Reuters)--Legendary sweet maker, Wonka Inc. has shuttered it's doors after failing to emerge from bankruptcy. No more shall Wonka Bars, Gobstoppers and Golden Eggs delight children of all ages as the last Wonka factory, located in Fengpu, China, ceased production on March 14th.
The seemingly magical 47-year-old company was celebrated in books and movies alike but could not recover from global economic forces. The companies misfortunes began when a British government investigation revealed that the entire company workforce, which consisted solely of foreign Oompa Loompa workers, had neither proper immigration status or temporary worker visas. The Oompa Loompa employees were summarily deported to their native country of Loompaland thus leaving the Wonka factory without a workforce. The Manchester chocolate factory was forced to close in 1998 while it searched for a more hospitable business environment for it's manufacturing operations. While keeping it's headquarters in England, Wonka enterprises then opened it's new facility in Fengpu, China and again regained much of it's former market share. However the chemical "melamine" was detected in the milk used to make it's chocolate in 2008. The Chinese government forced the factory to close for four months of decontamination after which the tarnished Wonka name could not recover. Over 1100 workers will be laid off in China and another 183 in England. Willy Wonka, the founder and CEO of Wonka Inc, could not be reached for comment.