Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Know These Things!

Just some of the amazing things that I know...
  *five people that I work with have Bachelor Degrees but make under $10/hour.
   *three different guys who have either a Playstation or an Xbox but don't have a bed and sleep on the floor.
    *a Puerto Rican woman who believed that Puerto Rico is a State in the Union.
     *a woman who bet me $10 that Oklahoma is located on the Gulf of Mexico.        
        *a guy who thinks that the Holocaust is fictional.
        *a guy that only eats beans and bananas(not the same guy, surprisingly).
         *a couple who lost over $150,000 to Bernie Madoff.
          *a guy that played the video game "Halo3" for five days straight and lost his job. 
            *five lawyers that I personally know are currently unemployed.             
                *a guy that accidentally shot himself  in the head


I Hate Minivans(and the people who drive them)!!!

GAHHHH!!! I hate the minivan and the bitchy, middle-aged women that drive them. I've had four altercations with this unholy union and the common denominator is a pushy, hurried broad driving her cargo box with reckless abandon. Two were talking on their cell phones at the time. Today's incident involved one of these spawn driving into a crosswalk that just happened to have myself and three kids walking in it. As soon as she realized that there was an obstacle in her precious way she threw up her hands in disgust and then squeezed her van in between myself and the kids. I pointed at the light to let her know that WE had the right-of-way and not her and she promptly gave me "The Finger".
   And because it's never a good idea to possibly incriminate yourself in writing, I'll just let that story end there for safety's sake.  Later on I did a search for "against minivans" and came up with a surprising amount of sites who cater to my feelings. This is my personal favorite is this People Against Mini Vans or P.A.M.V and here is the link--LINK

And of course there are the obligatory facebook haters as well-- LINK